2003 FRC Season – Stack Attack

Team 254 had a solid 2003 season, winning our home regional and taking home awards at both an away regional and at the FIRST Championship with our robot, Mario.

Stack Attack – The Challenge

Stack Attack was the game for the 2003 FIRST Robotics Competition. In Stack Attack, two teams of two robots each attempt to win by moving large Sterilite bins into their zone and arranging them into stacks. Robots can knock down their opponents stacks in order to take points away from the opposition. 2003 was the first year which featured an autonomous portion of the match where robots could only move according to pre-programmed instructions. More Information can be found on Wikipedia .

Mario – The Robot

Quick Facts

  • Name Mario
  • Status Disassembled
  • Weight 130 lbs
  • Size 27″ x 37″ x 14″

Competition History

  • Silicon Valley Regional Champion, Sportsmanship Award
  • Sacramento Regional Finalist, Chairman’s Award
  • FIRST Championship Judge’s Award
  • WRRF Calgames Finalist

Robot Abilities

  • Collapses to fit under bar
  • Arms that lock into ramp grating
  • Mechanism to “walk” up ramp
  • High powered lifter arm