2009 FRC Season – Lunacy

Team 254 had a great 2009 season with our robot Devastator. We won the Silicon Valley Regional and won two separate Motorola Quality Awards for our robot’s design.

Lunacy – The Challenge

Lunacy is the game for the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition. The name and some of the features of the game honor the 40th anniversary of the first manned mission to the Moon (Latin: Luna). The goal of the game is to score as many of the game pieces in the opposing side’s trailers as possible. More Information can be found on Wikipedia .

Devastator – The Robot

Quick Facts

  • Name Devastator
  • Status Displayable
  • Weight 110 lbs
  • Size 27″ x 37″ x 59″
  • CAD Renders 123

Competition History

  • Silicon Valley Regional Champion, Motorola Quality Award
  • Las Vegas Regional Motorola Quality Award
  • FIRST Championship
  • Indiana Robotics Invitational
  • WRRF Calgames Champion

Robot Abilities

  • 6 Wheel Drivetrain System (15.4 ft/sec)
  • Can intake from ground
  • Can load from human player
  • Can transport empty cell
  • Has full load of more than 35 balls in hopper
  • Can shoot full hopper in 3 seconds
  • Advanced Traction Control Algorithm allows for powerful and controlled driving on slick surfaces.