Pre-SVR Day 11: Intake Redesign


The team is currently working on redesigning the intake to intake discs more effectively.  There are multiple issues with the current iteration, such as stacking when intaking multiple discs.  As of now, students are experimenting by attaching two small Banebots wheels in the front roller shaft.  In addition, they have added a polycarbonate ramp that slants upward into the robot.  Once the intake is fully designed and works reliably, the programmers can test their autonomous modes.


The shooter is currently under construction, and removed from the robot.  Students manufactured more parts for the shooter.  For instance, they created shafts using the lathe and bandsaw.


The programmers continued to fine-tune and modify the seven-disc autonomous sequence.  Specifically, they made adjustments to the robot's driving and intaking.  Since the shooter is currently detached, no shooting was done or tested.

In other news, the programmers had some connection and network troubles with robot, driver station laptop, and programming laptops.  The robot's connection with the driver station occasionally drops for about a second.  Additionally, the programmers were unable to FTP to the robot to deploy code while the driver station laptop was connected to the robot.  Students and mentors tried to debug the situation for a long time, but were unable to pinpoint the issue.  They will look further into the problem in the coming days.


The students also enjoyed some delicious BBQ for dinner, as well as ice cream for a late night delight.