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Media Technology and Innovation Award Submitted

media_award_screenshotThanks to the collaborative effort of many students and mentors, Team 254 finished and uploaded our submission for the Media Technology and Innovation Award. The new award, essentially replacing the website one, focuses on social media presence and the team's plan for approaching social networking.

It was submitted as a 2 page PDF, which we found to be an interesting constraint. In the end, we found that using graphics to communicate our ideas was often more effective than using text, and more engaging for the audience. This also made it difficult to decide which text to cut from the document, and how to balance the types of content effectively.

Thank you to all of the dedicated members who helped put this together, specifically Eric Van Lare, Alex Powers, Avery Strand, Kyle Schnoor, and Chanan Walia under the guidance of Esteban Parker and David Wilson.

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Media Week of September 3rd

The new 2012 team sweatshirt is moving closer to being completed, we have a good design we are running with and it looks like it’ll be done soon. We have our first Graphic Design meeting of the season after the whole team meeting on Wednesday. It will be located in the the new robotics lab (formerly the wrestling building). I hope to see many of you there to learn about Graphic Design and Animation.

Graphic Design Meetings

The graphic design and animation meetings will be coming up starting next Wednesday, the 5th of September. I’m hoping to see a great turn out this year. It’ll be great if I can get more people coming to these. Remember, come to the Graphic Design Meetings, we have cookies.