Blog - July 2010

Design Objectives & Research Tasks

Today, we met to determine our design objectives for the robot.

  • The robot should be mobile, able to drive around obstacles and aim.
  • The robot should be able to shoot different distances.
  • The robot should be able to make many shots without reloading.
  • The robot should be able to hold multiple T-Shirts and shoot several rapidly.
  • The robot should be visually appealing so that it can represent our team and our sponsors positively.
  • The robot should be able to be transported easily to a number of events.
  • The robot should be safe to operate.

After we decided on objectives, we moved forward to discuss items that would need to be researched before we could move into the design phase of the project.

  • We need to research Solenoid Valves, ideally with quick response times and high flow rates.
  • We need to research the cost of manufacturing a metal chassis.
  • We need to research some of the problems and failures faced by previous T-Shirt cannons.
  • We need to research some of the safety precautions and regulations necessary for building a T-Shirt launching robot.
  • We need to research methods of preparing T-Shirts for launch.
  • We need to research methods of air storage.
  • We need to research and brainstorm possible general robot designs.

Initial Project Concept and Goals

After deciding that our team wanted to undertake a summer project to build a promotional robot, we came up with a multitude of suggestions for what to build.  After careful consideration, we decided that a high-powered T-Shirt launcher would be the best robot for promoting our team, Bellarmine and our sponsors.

In addition to serving as a promotional robot, this project will help to train new team members on robot building skills and techniques so that we can be more prepared for the robot build season during the school year.

The build process will be beginning near the end of the month and we will work through August, possibly going into the first month of the school year.