Blog - December 2019

Discovery Day 2019

Event Summary

On November 2, we presented our 2019 robot Backlash at the annual Bay Area Science Festival Discovery Day at Oracle Park. At the event, we showed what FIRST was, described the different competitions for different ages, and explained how our 2019 FRC season went. Team 254 worked in conjunction with Teams 604 (Quixilver), 1072 (Harker Robotics), 1868 (Space Cookies), and 2643 (Dark Matter) to showcase our collective engineering achievements as high school students participating in FIRST. Discovery Day allowed for us to inspire a wider audience within our community and ignite interest in FIRST Robotics.

Our Experience

While Discovery Day gave members of our community more exposure to FRC, it also provided a valuable experience for our team members, who loved facilitating the interactive education that FIRST Robotics entails. People of all ages watched the robot speed around the enclosure, and our robot played catch with them, exhausting the ball for each eager spectator to catch and roll back. We also invited spectators to interact with our robot’s many parts and explained each area’s function to provide them with kinesthetic learning and understanding of Backlash. Discovery Day was a huge success with our community, and it’s an experience we hope to continue creating for others!