Blog - March 2022

Sacramento Regional Champions!

A Brief Summary
As part of an eventful weekend, we attend the Sacramento Regional in Davis, CA! We had a great time at our first season tournament after two long years. Alongside FRC Team 1678 Citrus Circuits, Team 5458 Digital Minds, we were able to win the tournament!
Robot Performance
Qualification Matches
Through our qualification matches, Sideways performed very well. Despite bearing one loss, going 10-1 overall, we were able to score an average of about 118 points with our alliance partners per match. According to our scouts, we scored an average of 79.5 points, in most of our qualification matches. We sought to earn the maximum number of ranking points, which meant getting an alliance partner to climb, and shooting at least 20 balls into the upper hub, which would get us to 2 RP. To get the final two ranking points, we had to win the match. Through this strategy, we set a world record of 177 points in our first match. At the end, we were the first seeded alliance heading into elimination matches.
Alliance Selection
Going into the elimination period, we chose to form an alliance with FRC Team 1678 Citrus Circuits, and FRC Team 5458 Digital Minds.
Elimination Matches
For elimination matches, we aimed to focus on shooting cargo and climbing as much as possible, hoping to get 20+ balls in the upper hub, and to have at least two robots on the traversal rung. Alongside our alliance partners, we were able to execute this plan well, even breaking our own world record with 180 points in a semifinals match. Our streak continued as we went on to win our finals matches against Team 973, 7157, and 5274, winning the tournament.
A Special Thanks
Also, a special shoutout to our pit crew and drive team for properly maintaining our robot, and our alliance readiness crew, who supported other teams throughout the tournament. Team 254 would also like to thank all the volunteers and judges that made this tournament possible, and all of our mentors, teachers and parents who supported us and helped us succeed!