Pre-SVR Day 14: Hanger Repair


While testing the hang speed late yesterday, the hanger malfunctioned. While it was on the third level hang, one of the arms bounced and did not latch, leaving the robot hanging from one arm. This torqued that arm at an angle, the belt snapped, and left other minor damages. Today, the students and the mentors worked to put it back together. The belt was replaced, and it is back on the robot, and working well.



After a lot of driver practice lining up to take shots, the shooter’s consistency started to go down. Upon further inspection, one of the belts that was linking the two shooter shafts snapped and fell off the robot. In addition, the back shooter motor is shot. The robot still shoots the frisbees, but not up to the speedĀ and distance it should be at.

photo 5


SlipstreamĀ is now fully functioning. It will be used for programming purposes, sensor verification, and demonstrations.

photo 1