Pre-SVR Day 15: Hanger Assembly


The highlight of today was beginning assembly of the hangers for the competition robot. We plan to finish fully assembling these soon. We are constructing 3 identical hanger assemblies so as to have one extra.


Jonathan Lee working to assemble the hanger.


We also made some new parts for the level one hanger on the CNC. This will soon be sent for powercoating  The pocketed first stage parts are significantly lighter than they previously were. They also look quite pretty.


Some cool new parts for the level one hanger.

SVR Preparations

Students also worked on organizing supplies, tools, and equipment for SVR. The new clear bin system will make the pit significantly cleaner and easier to work in. We love organization (thanks T-Dog).


Supplies are packed and ready to go.


The programmers worked on fine tuning all of the autonomous modes: five-disc, four-disc, seven-disc, and center-disc.  With a lot of tweaking, the consistency of the various autonomous sequences have improved greatly.  However, late into the night, a shifting dog on the left gearbox of the drive train was completely shattered (yet again).  As a result, the robot’s left drive won’t work until the dog is replaced.


Lab closing time: 2:00 AM