Pre-SVR Day 3: Organization and Autonomous

The first few days after a tournament are usually pretty relaxing, but they are also just as busy (if not more) than other days. Today, there was a large organization effort ┬áto empty the last few bins of tools and parts that were brought to competition. The main focus of this clean up effort is to find a way to organize spare parts and “competition ready parts.” There was a huge dissary between what was ready to be assembled and tested, and what still needed to be manufactured. That effort will be completed tomorrow.


Cory worked on the CAM for the new gearbox side plates. The CAM and hopefully the manufacturing of these plates will be completed tomorrow. Once this new gearbox plate is complete, the hanger can be assembled and tested. However, the assembly for this is very complicated and time consuming. The super structure will have to be removed, the gearboxes replaced, and a few new spacers made.


Tom and Pat worked on tuning the autonomous modes. They autonomous modes are working significantly better. The next step is tuning the indexer to shoot faster