Pre-SVR Day 4: Level 3 Hang

Programming and Controls

Most of the afternoon was focused on driver practice and controls testing. Pat and Tom worked on reducing the time between shots. They were able to make the indexer go significanly faster, reducing our shooting time by a few seconds. There were a few issues, primarly, the indexing flap made of polycarb broke twice. It is currently unsure why this happened and whether or not it will continue to happen. Overall, the programmers made huge progress.

Third Level Hanger

The evening was focussed on making the hanger work. After two days spent making two new sets of gearbox plates, the hanger was ready to assemble. To do that however, the entire robot needed to be disassembled. The superstructure and the hangers were removed from the drivebase. After finding all the gears and spacers, the new drive gearboxes were ready to be assembled. The gearboxes were taken apart, and the new ones assembled. After that, the superstructure was assembled and the robot was ready to hang.

Here is a video of it in action:

Lab Closing Time was: 2:30 AM