Pre-SVR Day 5: Autonomous Hanging


IMG_20130317_205417Today, the programmers focused on making the 30-point hanging fully autonomous.  This makes the climber run with a push of a button (specifically, a switch and a button).  They started the day off by tuning the PID for the upward hanging by using a square wave to visually see the hanger hooks moving upwards, looking for consistency and accuracy in each cycle.  In addition, they used an additional gyro that would measure the pitch and rate of change of pitch to determine when to fully extend the hanger. The programmers also noted the raw encoder ticks for each position of the hanger claws: right underneath the next rung, fully extended above the rung, and fully retracted.  With these numbers, a new command was born: AutoHangCommand.

With the current delay logic, the team was able to get around 8.3 to 8.5 seconds per fully autonomous climb.  Though fast, the duration of the climb can be shortened and optimized by adjusting the logic.  Below is a video of a faster climb:


IMG_20130317_205228In order to optimize and fix the seven-disc autonomous sequence, the team worked on testing the intake and indexer so that they are reliable enough to use for autonomous.  However, the team is currently investigating problems with the shooter.  They believe that the bearings need to be replaced.