Autonomous Testing

IMG_2663Assembly & Adjustments

Students performed adjustments and enhancements all over the practice robot today, all in preparation for the team’s first regional of the season at San Diego in a little less than two weeks.  For instance, they replaced the indexer polycarbonate flap with a new one.


Miscellaneous enhancements and adjustments

Students continued to assemble the hanger mechanisms today, including tensioning of the timing belts.

Meanwhile, the team tested most of the subsystems of the robot in conjunction by intaking frisbees from the ground, transferring them through the conveyor and up into the shooter, then shooting them


Today, the programmers tested out a brand new seven-disc autonomous sequence.  It utilizes an infrared sensor in the conveyor to tell the robot to index the next frisbee.  Although they have yet to test the autonomous mode with actual frisbees, implement the shooter angle adjustment, and tune the intake position, it runs fairly well and quickly (right under 15 seconds).

Earlier in the day, there was a lot of debugging going on because the drive encoder values weren’t getting updated.  After a while of fixing the wiring and removing some negative signs, the programmers were finally able to test their auto modes.

The students are also working on a five-disc autonomous mode that shoots three preloads, then picks up and shoots two frisbees under the pyramid.


Testing out the autonomous modes

Action Items
  • Continue assembly of hangers
  • Continue work on autonomous modes and general tuning