Autonomous Tuning


Students manufactured the polycarbonate flaps for the indexer using the vertical bandsaw, among other miscellaneous parts.


Today, the programmers did a lot of fine-tuning and testing with the various autonomous sequences.  The seven, five, and four disc autonomous modes were further refined.  The programmers tweaked the distances, powers, and a couple other factors of the drive and shooter.  In the end, they were able to have a consistent 7, 5, and 4 disc autonomous.  They played around with seven-disc autonomous sequence’s speeds and distances to get it under the fifteen second time limit.

Meanwhile, the programmers started work on a new autonomous mode that would start out by one of the pyramid’s back corners, shoot three discs, drive backwards and turn at an angle to align with the center line, pick up two center line discs, drive to the back of the pyramid with the first-stage hangers extended, and then shoot those three discs.

Action Items

  • Pack for San Diego
  • Center line autonomous testing
  • Driver practice

Lab closing time for the night was 2:00 AM