Day 28: Coming Together

by Brandon Wui ’16, Christian Jimenez ’16, and Joncarlo Avila ’16


Today students machined parts for the intake and frame. They also worked on the lathe and band saw to cut pieces and face them for the superstructure. Finally, they drilled all of the holes based on the CAD model.

Facing pieces on the mill


Today students attempted to add the hot goal sensor to the robot but could not find a good mounting spot. In addition, they updated the shooter design.

Student examining the superstructure CAD

Awards Submissions

Writing the Chairman's essay with the completed outline side-by-side

A group of students worked on the Chairman’s Award Essay. The outline is complete, and the first draft of the essay was finished tonight as well.

Graphic Design

Graphic design for the back of the semester T-shirt. Yes, this is the third picture of someone on the computer from the same angle.

Today, several people worked on graphic design projects for our team such as this semester’s shirt, the side panels for the robot, and the “Silicon Valley Invasion” T\-shirt for Waterloo \(in the spirit of 148 and 118’s “Texas Invasion”T\-shirt at last year’s Silicon Valley Regional\). A student also searched for good fonts for “The Cheesy Poofs.”

Side panels for the robot with sponsors

Action Items

  • Check Trello
  • Help Gregorio Magarelli to put together the “Silicon Valley Invasion” shirt on Illustrator
  • Help Mani and EJ wire the drivebases tomorrow
  • Happy Chinese New Year!

The year of the EJ