Day #36: Intake & Conveyor Assembly

Author: Andrew Torrance

Machining & Assembly

Students and mentors finished assembly of the intake and attached the superstructure frame. With the intake mounted to both the practice and competition robots, students and mentors plan to continue testing and tweaking the intake tonight.  Students also put together the conveyor system and attached it to the superstructure of the practice robot.  After some quick adjustments and temporary Gaffers tape, the conveyor worked fairly well.  However, it was discovered that the side plate of the intake needed to be redesigned to allow for more spacing.  In addition, one of the top crossbars of the intake was removed after students discovered that frisbees were getting stuck at a certain spot in the intake.  Removing the bar greatly improved the results.


Students machining a polycarbonate plate for the intake



The competition robot in its current form



Testing the mounted intake and conveyor on the practice robot


Team members continued working on the CAD for the hangar, and are now close to being finalized. With 4 hooks, we plan to be able to climb and hang extremely quickly.



Students continued work on their Frisbee Thrower Simulator. This will calculate all the possible throws the robot can make from various positions on the field. We then use this data to determine an optimal shooting angle and speed.  After approval from the programming mentors, the programmers plan on posting the source code and their results to ChiefDelphi forums to help out other teams.



Programming the simulator, written in Java


Students finished mounting the blue-side Goals, vaccumed the field, and cleaned up miscellaneous parts and tools.



The finished and mostly-cleaned field!

Action Items

  • Continue cleaning field and lab for Scrimmage

  • Continue machining parts and assembling the robot

Lab Closing Time: 6:00 AM