Day #37: Continued Conveyor Assembly

Robot Assembly

Students continued assembly of the conveyor system for the competition robot.  They added the BBDs and their shafts, and attached the CIM to the conveyor.

Some students took a trip up to Pacific Coast Metals to pick up some anodized parts that were dropped off this morning.  These parts will go on various subsystems on the robot, such as the intake attachements and shooter.

Meanwhile, other students continued wiring on the competition robot.  Many zipties were used to make the wiring look pretty.  Also, a new battery voltage reader was attached to the power distribution board.


Field Assembly

The top goals on each side of the field was further secured.  This is to fasten the high and middle goals onto its support structures, as well as add some stability to the whole system.  In addition, the wrappings of the polycarbonate sheets was removed to reveal the transparency of the goals, all in preparation of the scrimmage this weekend.



Team members began cutting metal to length on the horizontal band saw, such as some 1/4" diameter rods that will be used on the climbing structure.



The programmers continued making improvements to the frisbee simulator.  They added a feature that would graph the trajectory of the frisbee as it hits the wall of the high goal.  Currently, the program is set up such that the frisbee would hit the high goal before it begins to drop back down to the ground.  The programmers are currently working on tidying up and making enhancements to the graphical portion of the simulator, such as adding axes and labels to the graph.  Once done, the team will share its results with the FIRST community via Chief Delphi.


Action Items

  • Continue machining parts for the climber


Lab closing time for the night was… 11:30 AM (Yes, AM)