Day 45: Home Stretch

by Dorian Chan and Abhishek Aditham


Programmers in the driver station

Today the programmers worked on state machines for the shooter on the robot. They have been using state machines for various subsystems on the robot in order to control and interact with them. State machines track what state the robot is in and change the state based on input.

Designing the pit display

The web guys worked on creating a pit display for competition, where people will be able to view information about the team’s robot.

Parts Organization

Organizing the East Wall

Team members worked on sorting miscellaneous parts into blue bins. By organizing misplaced parts, the team will be more efficient at finding parts it needs.


Some students worked on creating mounts made out of polycarb for the robot’s air tanks using the drillpress and the bandsaw. They later put the tanks onto the robot using the mounts and worked on finishing the pneumatic system.

Drill Press workAir tanks

Electronics and Wiring

Decepticon router placed on a polycarbonate panel in the

A couple of members worked on mounting and wiring the router onto the robot. This router is the primary means of communication between the driver station and the robot. Members working on the sponsor panels took a break cutting out the stickers for the Decepticon insignia.


Red bumper frame in constructionRed bumper frame ready for taping

The team also worked on finishing the red bumpers for the robot and one of the blue bumpers. A couple other students created labels of the team’s sponsors for the side panels. The team has decided to put sponsor names on the side panels of both robots, and so far the competition panels have been completed.

The early stages of sponsor stickers

The team also worked on replacing the shifter plates for the practice robot’s drivebase.

Fixing shifter plates


The graphics design team continued work on developing a flier to showcase the robot.

Action Items

  • Finish sponsor panels for practice robot with Jeremy, Mani and Travis
  • Prepare for the photo shoot
  • Finish both competition and practice robots
  • Programming the hot goal sensors with Tom and Brandon
  • Work on the flier and T-shirt with Kevin