Day 45: The Day Before Ship

Today was the last day of build before the robot ships to San Diego.  We spent the day doing everything we possibly could to get the robot ready to compete.  After several hours of  chasing pressure leaks on the competition robot, we finally tracked down a leak in the regulator and got it fixed so that the robot will now hold pressure.  Furthermore, we finished the blue bumpers today so that we can get those shipped.  The Finance and Award Submissions Teams were also hard at work today on write-ups and the robot bill of materials which must be finished before competition.  Finally, we did a robot photo shoot with the robot on seamless white paper.  Photos need to be edited but will be up in the next few days.

Tomorrow, we will ship the robot and bumpers.  We plan on withholding the carriage/arm assembly and the minibot deployment system (not yet built) and bringing these to San Diego as part of our withholding allowance.