Day 46: Bag and Tag

by Chris Powers '15


Photo Shoot

Studio setup

Today was bag and tag day, so not much machining or robot work occurred. Most of the team worked on taking multiple shots of the finished competition robot, which was placed in a studio area on one half of the field. The team took photos at multiple angles with different lighting and game objects.

Adjusting for pictures

Picture taking

Practice Bot

Dividing the field for both robots

Other team members worked on improving the practice robot on the other side of the field. A belt broke on the robot, so team members repaired it.

Graphic Design

The graphic design team continued working on the T-shirt designs. A design is not yet finalized.

Bag and Tag

The robot was bagged and tagged at approximately 9:30, concluding six weeks of intense fun and work and ushering in six weeks of regional competition preparation.

Bagging the robot behind the driver station

Bagged robot in the corner

Action Items

  • Rest day tomorrow- no build.
  • Continue working on T-shirt and flier with Kevin.
  • Continue working on practice robot.

Lining up everything