Day 54: More Testing

by Ian Chiu and Tyler Cuff


At the NASA lab, the drivers have begun to practicing to operate the robot for the upcoming tournament at Waterloo. One group of students used a defensive robot to block Barrage, while the other group used Barrage to score.


The drive team decided to create a drill board to hold their drills so they could keep all their drills in one place, allowing them to keep the lab a much more organized place.

Fixing the belt

The drive team had to get off the field when the belt on Barrage broke. They removed the flywheel so that they could replace the belt.

Untreaded wheels

Several members began treading the wheels for the robot, beginning by putting the treads into the tread gauge.

Tread gauge


Some of the mentors and members were working on the screen together to create a successful scene to film for the Chairman’s Video. Soon, they will edit the filmed material to create a final product to submit for the Chairman’s Video. A few members also worked on the Media and Technology submission

Action Items

  • Clean up - Everyone
  • Driver Practice - Pat/Kevin/EJ
  • Film the catcher - See Collin if you want to help
  • Build Control Board - Cory
  • Prototype catcher
  • New accumulator standoffs
  • Set up the BOM - Ryan/Louis/Clay/Vidur
  • Film flythrough scene - Alex
  • Wire batteries - Mani
  • Test batteries - Pat
  • New pinniped standoffs: cut, weld, powder
  • Mentor castle prep - Mani
  • Automate vision targets and lights - Bruno