Day 58: Competition Homestretch

by Dan Ngo '17

Competition Preparation

Driver practice continued today in preparation for Madera, with the same format as before. One driver controlled with practice Barrage, while the other driver played defense with Skystalker.

Drive team practicing against a defensive robot

Members worked on attaching power cables to fresh batteries, to be used as soon as possible.

Wiring the Batteries

In addition, competition materials were packed, including the custom-made drill holder, various tools, and spare parts.

Packed Materials


Today, the team also worked on crucial parts of the Chairman's Award, including the binder, video, and presentation. Progress was made on the binder's graphic design, and finished in time for the competition. The video was filmed beforehand at school, and one of the members will work on the editing. The presenters practiced the Chairman's presentation to get feedback from the mentors.

Working on the BOM

Pit Display

The video team crammed work on the competition pit display on the 20" screen. Next week the team will receive a 42" monitor.

Action Items

  • Technical BinderBill of MaterialsChairman's Binder: History, Images
  • Chairman's Video EditingDriver PracticePrepping BatteriesPacking Materials