Design, Manufacturing and Prototyping Progress


Today, the design team worked to finalize the drivetrain.  The baseplate will be sent out to be cut by Mike D at NASA Kennedy’s waterjet shop first thing tomorrow morning.


The CNC was running all day to cut all of the drivetrain tensioner cams.  They will be clear anodized.

A large group of students scotch brited wheels so that they are ready to be delivered to the anodize shop.  They will be delivered, along with the gearbox spacers and bearing housings, to the anodize shop tomorrow.

Polished Wheels


Today, we continued to prototype Ball Retention Mechanisms.  We tested several different types of rollers and shafts on the balls with mixed results.  Several students and mentors also worked on modifying a 2 stage vaccum impeller to work with 2 FP motors.  More testing will occur tomorrow

Also, we were a little worried that the robot with a thick baseplate underneath wouldn’t make it over the ramp.  We decided to put a piece of polycarbonate on the bottom of the robot and test just to make sure.  The robot went over the ramp just fine, as demonstrated in the videos below.

(There was a video here that has sadly been lost in the archives.)

(There was a video here that has sadly been lost in the archives.)