FRC Day 26 & 27 Build Blog

Day 26 and 27: Continued Assembly and Programming



Today, we made sizable progress on the hopper. We made an initial prototype which we iterated upon to account for unforeseen difficulties. After getting it to deploy efficiently, we were able to store a max ball capacity of 140 balls. We are struggling with rigidity, however, as the 1/16 polycarbonate hopper flexes greatly when under stress from the balls and simultaneously driving. We will put aside fixing this problem for now as we have to finish putting together a robot for bag and tag.


We have almost completed wiring on the practice robot. We are waiting on a few competition subsystems to be assembled then we will be moving on to pneumatics. Last night, we had the robot shooting a few balls. Once we finish the hopper, we should be able to practice driving.

Gate Latch

On Sunday build, we worked on a hopper gate latch to lock down the assembly during the match. Changes still have to be made to make the latch feasible.

Hopper Floor

Today, we worked on assembling the hopper floor and finalizing it. We completely finished construction of the hopper floor. We worked on pneumatics and fixing the pneumatic tubing on the competition robot. We made progress on the side panels, which are coming along nicely. We also worked on general parts of the robot, but we still have a lot to do before tomorrow.


Today, we worked on creating an updated version of the Waypoint maker app. This new app outputs java files to load on the robot. We also created a parser on the robot which converts these waypoints into path segments for the Adaptive Pure Pursuit Controller.

Another project we worked on was implementing a turn in place autonomous action. We also made a couple auto paths to drop gears off and activate the hopper. We ran into some problems with motion profiling that we will fix tomorrow.

We rewrote the TCP server which sends data about the robot state to a web interface to be graphed. We used a library found on GitHub to do this. Next time, we will incorporate this into the rest of the Robot code and test it with the roboRIO.