FRC Day 29 & 30 Build Blog

Day 29 & 30: Getting Ready for Competition Season


Hopper/Hopper Floor

Today, we worked on solving the funneling speed issue by placing a set of 4 rollers at the end of the hopper floor and above the wedges to provide a force pushing the ball forwards. This worked extremely well as our output increased to around 10 balls per second. More work needs to be done with different wheels and friction surfaces on the rollers and wedges to further increase our output.

Inline image 1


We worked on pneumatically actuating the gear grabber by activating the solenoids individually. We are going to work on a state machine for Monday to make it more intuitive for drivers. We also deployed a sine scaling function to the driver inputs to significantly improve robot driving. We tuned the path following program by fixing some bugs and also investigated using the talon magic motion profile. We also developed the state machine for the gear grabber.