Pre-STL Day 3: Final Cleanup and Bucket Design Incorporation


Students finally finished unpacking from SVR. All of the competition crates were unpacked and bins were restored to their original places. The lab is now fully equipped and ready for robot iterations and improvements.



A modified design with the green cylinder representing the bucket.

The bucket design was worked on today in great detail. Parts from the indexer, shooter, and conveyor were changed in CAD today. The conveyor side plates were shortened to reduce weight and accomodate the large bucket. The indexer side plates(butcher knives) were made longer to account for the buckets new position in the robot. Finally changes were made to the shooter parts to accomodate the width of the buckets and frisbees that currently fit from wall to wall of the insides of the hanger. These design changes are still being considered and evaluated.


Brogrammers know what was done.