PR/Marketing Update

The PR/Marketing team has been extremely busy; especially with post-build season material. On the award submission side, we have been working on KPCB (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award), Chairman’s presentations, and pit presentations. Chris Campbell along with other students have been working extremely hard to complete the business plan and prepare for the presentations. Recently, they have calculated that the cost for all the publicity that we received for the T-Shirt Cannon, it would sum up to more than $300,000 (based on Google AdWord prices).

All students were asked today to read the chairman’s award submission.  Everybody should be very familiar with all the content in this submission (and lack of familiarity will result in consequences). In addtion, cheat sheets will be sent out to everybody in the next couple of days. All the information should be memorized before competition. The information includes robot specs, outreach events, t-shirt cannon information, and a little more. There will be quizzes on these so everybody is expected to know the information.

We recently conducted a food drive during scrimmage week and the results were HORRIBLE. We only got seven cans of food! This is terrible since everybody on the team went to the scrimmage. Attending this event was a requirement. The food drive is still going on, and I expect to see a lot more cans in the food drive bins in the next couple of weeks.