VEX Tournament: Tracy

Teams 254 A and 254 E are ready to take on the Tracy regional. 254 D is another potential Cheesy Poof team that would want to attend, but is awaiting confirmation from the Tracy director for an extra slot.  254 B, C, H, and S have opted out of the regional in order to get extra time to perfect their ideas before heading into a regional ill-advised.

254 A deploys a “sketchy” at best hanging mechanism accompanied by a claw that has the ability to score and descore.

254 E has avoided the infamous ladder for the time being to focus on their double sided robot.  One side carries a simple spatula to descore while the opposite side of 254 E shows a rolling intake for scoring.

Both robots are tournament ready. There is a scheduled “pack-up hour” for Thursday after school in the Physic’s Lab to collect items such as tools and build material the teams may need for the regional.