Pre-SVR Day 12: Regroup and Rethink

34After ten minutes of driver practicing, the team still determined that one glaring problem still exists that currently precedes all others: the robot’s intake system inconsistently picks up frisbees. 


The team technical leaders gathered to decide on a solution for the intake problem.



The daunting issue ahead

  • Frisbees stack on top of each other inside shooter indexer
  • Intake shelf/ramp causes discs to stall
  • Whether or not bottom roller should be used

 After a comprehensive discussion about the next step, the team concluded that the next step would be to revert back to the old intake and iterate from there.

​Solution to test:

  • Remove frisbee ramp 
  • Replace bottom roller


Further development of the T-shirt cannon, Shockwave, was continued today, led by Richard Lin. The programming team added the indexing code which rotates the barrels for the next shot. Controls are still under maintenance to ensure safe and proper performance during exhibitions. This will require extensive robot testing by mentors before it can be used in public. 


Students developing the controls


Code Testing


A heroic perspective of Shockwave 


Tom is impressed