Day #27: Superstructure



The wiring on the practice bot was fixed because it was routed incorrectly and they were in the wrong ports.


A large portion of the raw material for the superstructure was cut today. Some of the actual machining started which included drilling holes and tapping them so that they would be ready to attatch to the superstructer once it is ready. Some of the superstructure parts are being milled to length.


Team President Nagy Hakim, using his very own step stool labelled Stool of Nagy, to mill superstructure parts to a precise length.


James Holden tapping some parts


Completed super structure parts


Today, the programmers made miscellaneous changes and fixes to the 2013 code.  The commands’ timeout functionality was changed to use the built-in setTimeout and isTimedOut functions, rather than creating an instance of a Timer and calling get().  This was tested and worked quite nicely and as expected.  Additionally, the code was edited greatly to adhere to the style guide.