Day #25: Manufacture of Conveyor and Shooter Begins

Drive Gearbox

The bulk of the remaining parts ordered from West Coast Products arrived today, including gears, shifting dogs, and shifter shafts. Students assembled the piston blocks for the bimba pistons. This will actuate the dog shifters, which will control the 2-speed transmission and PTO. The dog shifters were modified to prevent interferences and fit inside the gearbox.


Machined Shifting Dogs

Shooter and Conveyor

Students made drawings for shafts and spacers that will later be used on the shooter and conveyor. The raw materials for these parts were cut, and later manufactured by students with assistance from the mentors.


Makin the Pahts


Finished Parts


Students worked on the code for the intake. They also tested all the subsystems of code to make sure that they functioned properly.


Team 100 from Woodside, Carlmont, and Sequoia High Schools visited the lab today. They stopped by for a couple of hours to borrow the use of the lab’s hex broach.

Action Items:

  • Assemble Drive Gearbox
  • Continue manufacturing Shooter and Conveyor shafts
  • Release more parts for manufacture
  • Further develop code
  • Wire Pneumatics

Lab Closing Time: 12:30