Day 36: Practice Robot and Release Video

By Luke Gardner


Students machined wood for the bumper and the pool noodles arrived. Parts for the control board were machined for later construction.

Students working on the lathe to machine parts for the control board

Robot Construction

Work on the practice robot continued including more wiring and work on the gearboxes. The pneumatics for the pinniped were built and attached to the robot. The gearbox for the intake was attached. Work on the bumpers began late in the night.

Students work on wiring the practice robotWork on Cordura for the bumpers began late in the evening


Our programmers worked on a team hours app, and others also researched and brainstormed the LEDs for the pit in Waterloo.

Later in the night the programmers worked on the mechanisms within the robot code.

Programmers continued to improve drive and autonomous code in preparation for the upcoming scrimmage

Release Video

Students brainstormed and started writing the script for the release video, as well as collecting pictures and videos to be used.


More catchy slogans were thought up to be put on the Canada T\-shirts such as “Get ready to Waterlose” and “We came for the bacon and stayed for the robots.” The outside wood was organized according to size and dimension. The shed is mostly organized now and should not have to be disturbed until packing.

Action Items

  • Assemble robot with Mani and Abhi
  • Build Bumpers (cut pockets into wood and finish marking up Cordura)
  • Programming with Kevin and Brandon
  • Check trello