Day #38: FRC Open Lab Scrimmage, Manufacturing, CAD

By Nick Mercadante

Lab Scrimmage

Today, the lab was opened to other FRC teams to let them practice on our field. They were able to practice hanging on the pyramids and were able to practice and adjust their shooting. The human players were able to get a couple throws in as well.



While they were practicing on the Field, Students were working on attaching the latches onto the bumpers so that they would stay secure to the robot. Some adjustments were made to the inner indexing system so that it could feed the frisbee to the shooter at all of the angles that the shooter may be positioned at. Parts were manufactured for the hanger on the robot as well. The Practice Robot is almost finished and the competition robot is not too far behind.



The CAD for the Gearbox was updated to the current setup of the gearbox.