Team 254 Presents: Barrage

{“data”:[{“type”:”text”,”data”:{“text”:”Team 254, NASA Ames Robotics \”The Cheesy Poofs\”, proudly presents our 2014 robot: Barrage.\n”}},{“type”:”video”,”data”:{“source”:”ooyala”,”remote_id”:”Rrbjd5azr_xsYIe9RZDDu5juh8qAtDVx”}},{“type”:”text”,”data”:{“text”:”Barrage will compete at the Central Valley Regional, Waterloo Regional, Silicon Valley Regional, and FIRST Championship.\n\nTeam 254 is sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center, Lockheed Martin, The Mercadante Family, Ooyala, TR Manufacturing, Qualcomm, HP, West Coast Products, The Magarelli Family, The Yun Family, Google, Modern Machine, The Gebhart Family, Aditazz, Cisco Meraki, Vivid\\-Hosting, Nvidia, BAE Systems, Gilbert Spray Coat, Pacific Coast Metal, S&S Welding, Good Plastics, Team Whyachi, Applied Welding, World Metal Finishing, The Jimenez Family, Hy\\-Tech Plating, and Bellarmine College Preparatory.\n”}}]}