Pre-STL Day 9: Step into High Gear


Students started organizing new parts into their respective bins. Most of these parts will be spares for competition. In addition, a few mentors and students worked on deburring, polishing, and touching up parts which will be sent in for powder coating and anodizing.


Students contine to fix the drivetrain. A dog gear broke yet again. Students worked on taking apart the drivetrain gearbox to replace it.


Students made new parts for the intake, including new mount side plates. Additionally, students began assembling the intake support gearbox.


Students designed a one way valve in the shooter. This stop, made from a simple piece of bent polycarbonate, will allow the frisbee to leave the shooter in only one direction and prevent it from falling backwards. This stop is a simple mechanism to further eliminate possible jams that have plagued the robot for the better part of the season.


Teams 973 and 846 stopped by to the lab for practing and tuning in preparation for the World Championship next week.