Pre-SVR Day 16: Open Field

Open Field

Today the lab was opened for Teams 4543 (Apollo High School) and Team 971 to use our field for calibration and driver practice, while working on bugs in preperation for SVR (where both robots will be competing).

Driver Practice

Today Driver Abhi Kumar, and Operators Chris Sides and Scotty Cardona all practiced on the field, specifically picking up discs from the area around the pyramid and shooting into the high goal from the pyramid. The robot was about 76% accurate (data taken by scouts). We hope to improve accuracy to over 90% before SVR. One of the main points of improvements are the BaneBot shooter wheels that need replacing.

Team 254 Blog_April 1_by Chanan Walia_004

Nick Mercadante replacing the battery

Chairman’s Award

Today students took many major steps in preparation to present the Chairman’s Award at SVR. One aspect of this work was the development of the the team binder, with students formatting the various pages of the binder. Additionally the presenters (Richard Lin, Alex Powers, and Nagy Hakim) prepared for the judges interview, working on the power point and the question and answer section.


Students constructed beam sensor mounts for the robot. These beam sensors will be used to determine whether or not a disc has reached the back of the conveyor to be properly indexed.

Team 254 Blog_April 1_by Chanan Walia_002

Andrew Torrance machining shafts

Team 254 Blog_April 1_by Chanan Walia_003

Joshua Vincent cutting sensor mounts

Team 254 Blog_April 1_by Chanan Walia_005

Mani Gnanasivam milling parts


Furthermore, the development of the hanger continued, with elevator belts being tensioned, and manufacturing shafts for the belt. Two of the three new hangers are ready to be attached to the competition bot, with the third functioning as a spare to be put on either side; due to this orientability, it will not be fully assembled until it is attached.

Team 254 Blog_April 1_by Chanan Walia_001

Andrew torrance assembling the hanger

 Lab closing time was: very late.