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Day 45: Autonomous Updates

Over the weekend, the software team was hard at work on 3 ball autonomous routines. Here's some video.

Also, shooting on the move works quite nicely.

Day 38 – Rest Day

Today was a rest day at the lab. Here's some slow motion videos from the past few days of testing at the lab. One week to go...

Day 31 – Rest Day

Today was another rest day. Have a weld video or two as we begin week 5!

Day 24 – Rest Day

Today was our third day of not meeting at the lab. Instead, here's a couple snapshots of the last week at the lab.

First, here's a video of Travis flying his hexacopter in the lab. This thing will come in handy when it comes time to make a robot reveal video.

And here's an image of Mentor Colin using the mill as a jungle gym while trying to repair it.

Day 17: Rest Day 2

Today, there was no official meeting at the lab. However, several team members continued to work on robot design.

Instead of a normal blog post, have some pictures of the latest prototype (sponsored by Tem 254: Teh Chezy Pofs). As you can see, the students decorated the robot.

so robit.


Day 12.5 – Testing the Lidar

Today, the team tested an advanced Lidar Sensor solution. Extensive testing was performed (approx 30 min).

Day 10: Rest Day

In honor of our first day of rest of the season, here's a GIF of the season's latest dance craze.

Today, we didn't meet at the lab. Some team members worked on CAD on their own.